Thursday, 4 August 2011

Limbo: Opinion time.

Ok some of you may not know what limbo is, if you don't its a recently ported to PC game that was originally for XBLA *Xbox live arcade*  Its currently on Steam for £6.99, check it out Here So far I've played about half way through it.

So here's a brief description. You play as a young boy who wakes up in the middle of a forest in which you have to run through finding your way through traps and such and there's a giant spider too.. I hate spiders.

In all honesty it reminds me of a game I played once when I was younger called Heart of darkness which was a very trial and error game and in all honesty... quite gruesome. See here  So yes, there are lots of indie games which involve trial and error platforming (I wana be the guy comes to mind!). But what I find unique to this game is the not only the art style, but the atmosphere when a spider is chasing after you and you have 5 seconds in which you have to solve a puzzle before your impaled.  The music also helps the atmosphere and creates a sombre environment in which you truly do feel alone..

The game is relatively diverse in its locations, as you have to go through cave's forest deserted towns and factory's all of which has something is trying to kill you.

I think that's all for now, I Might add more later bla bla bla. bye :)

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  1. I played a demo of this, and really enjoyed it.